Geno Creese


Geno Creese was born and raised in Los Angeles and spent most of his formative years on stage. He graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a BFA in Acting in 2013 and returned to L.A. to pursue his acting career, but after a couple of years, he realized that something was missing. He wanted to use the arts to heal. The next two years led him down a path of self-exploration that culminated in his discovery of Drama Therapy and his acceptance to the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) where he is currently pursuing his masters as a second-year Drama Therapy Student.

Geno discovered Playback through watching a performance during his orientation at CIIS. He was deeply moved by the performance and immediately knew that this was an art form he NEEDED to pursue. He joined the Living Arts Playback Theater Ensemble in 2017 and is delighted to be one of its newest members. He loves Playback because it not only gives him a chance to come alive on stage but it also gives him the opportunity to bring to life the feelings and stories of the audience; this is a huge thrill and an honor.

In addition to Playback and school, he also teaches with The Miracle Project (TMP), a fully inclusive theatre, film, and expressive arts program for children, teens, and adults with autism and all abilities. Geno is so grateful for the opportunity to work with his amazing TMP participants. He feels like he grows both as a facilitator and as a human being every session.