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Some past commissioned performances in detail

Here are descriptions of some of the performances that we have been commissioned for. Let us know if you would like to commission a performance by clicking HERE!


In 2013 and 2014 our ensemble performed for the Hoopa tribe at three of their schools (high school and middle school). Our ensemble met with the tribal leaders and the Hoopa tribe performed a Brush dance for our ensemble.


On November 9th, 2014, our ensemble performed “Germans and Jews Sharing their Stories and Facing their Legacies Together: Descendants of Holocaust Survivors and Post-World War II Germans” at Congregation Sh’ar Zahav in San Francisco.  Germans of the postwar generations, many whose parents and grandparents were Nazis, and Jewish descendants of Holocaust survivors returned from an intensive weekend retreat to share their experiences with the community. During this event the Living Arts Playback Theatre Ensemble created improvisational theatre pieces based on personal and collective stories told by German and Jewish workshop participants and audience volunteers.


On May 15th, 2015, our ensemble performed at the California Marriage and Family Therapy (CAMFT) conference. Our performance was titled “Stories from our Journey as Psychotherapists.” Read an article about this performance:


On May 27th, 2014, we performed at the Family Paths Staff retreat. The performance was for 60 staff members, including licensed psychotherapists, interns, administrative staff, custodial staff, etc. The theme of the performance was “Poverty.” 95% of the clients of Family Paths live below the poverty line with a profound lack of financial resources. Stories were invited of: hopelessness and hope, resilience in the face of poverty, RICH—-acronym for Family Path’s core values: Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Hope, celebrating and honoring the people who are living with poverty and celebrating their resilient spirit.


On December 10th, 2015, we performed for the Presidio Trust’s “Operation Babylift.” The evening performance was dedicated to stories inspired by the public exhibition Operation Babylift: Perspectives and Legacies, on view at the Presidio Officers’ Club. Audience members shared personal stories related to this complex, historic event. Stories were told by those in Operation Babylift 40 years ago —  or experiences of related themes such as adoption, loss, resilience, identity and belonging. The actors and musicians transformed these stories into improvised theatre pieces to illuminate individual and collective experiences. There was a deep exploration of diverse experiences and lasting impacts of a dramatic airlift that removed more than 2,000 Vietnamese children from their war-torn country to be adopted by American families as Saigon fell in 1975. At the Presidio, 1,500 of these children were cared for by more than 5,400 volunteers. Meanwhile, Operation Babylift itself was being debated across the country.


On January 27th, 2015, we performed for the The Innovations Project in Napa. The Innovations Project is working to enhance the quality and availability of mental health services in Napa County by promoting collaborative relationships across underserved communities and mental health providers. The project trains emerging leaders from the mental health profession, as well as individuals from underserved communities in Napa County; including Veteran, Native American, LGBTQ and Latino. These leaders actively implement community-based projects surrounding mental health, which are addressing: Access & Awareness, Community Connections and Systems Change. The Innovations Project utilizes On The Move’s long-standing leadership program On The Verge, which provides an innovative model of professional and community development. The project engaged the expertise of those who have been working in the field or community for many years, as project advisors.


Other past commissioned performances have been for the San Francisco County Jail, Battered Women’s Alternatives, Seneca Center, Center for Elder’s Independence, Ecole Bilingue, California Institute of Integral Studies, Sonoma State University, the National Association for Drama Therapy, the American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama, School for the Deaf in FremontCAMFT, Nokia, NADTA (drama therapy association), Genocide Conference at Sacramento State, Expressive Arts Therapy conference in LA, Pamona college workshop and performance, Story telling Festival in Tennessee, the Bay Area story telling festival, World Transactional Analysis Conference in San Francisco, Healing the Wounds of Bullying: A Performance of Poetry and Playback Theatre, and California Society of Addiction Medicine.